Services & Experiences in Clinton CT

Personalized Care and Comfort


Quality care is about understanding our residents, their unique needs, and the experiences they want from their life.

By taking a compassionate approach to the services we provide, we tailor our residents’ lifestyle from the ground up to achieve quality care, enriching engagement, and meaningful connections with our staff and other community members.

At Ocean Meadow Memory Care, we’re not just providing a place to live; we’re providing a place to belong, participate, and thrive. See the difference we make by scheduling a visit or contact us to learn more about the experiences we provide today.


To help our residents achieve the highest quality of life possible, we’ve added many world-class amenities to support all types of lifestyles.

Each of our amenities is designed to support various aspects of wellbeing. Whether your loved one is looking for a quiet place to relax or an opportunity to meet with friends and family, we have it all.

Alongside our amenities, we also offer a beautiful location right near Clinton Town Beach for easy access to fun events, delicious treats, and relaxing tours through our lush landscape.

Our amenities also include:

Our amenities include:

Our amenities include: