COVID-19 Response



Dear Residents, Families, and Visitors:

Our team at Ocean Meadow Senior Living and Memory is happy to report that COVID-19 cases are dropping across the country. Because of these decreasing cases, we will be adding back some of the programs that many of you have looked forward to over the years. These programs include guest dining and social events revolving around food and drinks. We are excited for these programs to return, but please know that if we have COVID-19 cases in the community, we will have to put certain events on hold until the community is COVID-19-free.

Since there is very little new COVID-19 information to report, we will discontinue this COVID-19 weekly update. Despite the discontinuation of this weekly update, we will still ensure any new information related to COVID-19 is communicated to you. We understand the importance of keeping you informed.

Feel free to contact us  if you have questions.